Tuesday, 26 April 2011

2012 Olympics Ban
Margaret wants to go to the Olympics next year but has finally given up trying as it has become clear that we are not allowed to.
1)  To buy online you need a Visa card which we do not have. following a dispute with Citi bank recently they have black marked our credit reference so we cannot get another card anyway.  This is despite them refunding  the charges under dispute!
2)  To send a cheque the bank account must be registered at the delivery address for the tickets.
3)  Tickets will not be delivered to a PO box which is how we get our mail and is where our bank and credit cards are registered.  However if we could apply by post the address to send the application to is .............a PO Box!!!!!!!!
4  If someone else buys the tickets they must attend the event and give all personal details of  those accompanying them.
I think we would be more successful if we lived abroad.

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