Saturday, 22 January 2011

My Landmark of the Week
The Bath Tower

This is one of the towers of the medieval town wall, facing the Menai Strait. More recently, it was part of a Public Bath House, built in 1823 to attract tourists to the town. The present living-room was perhaps a Reading Room. Its two great windows look along the outside of the town wall in one direction, and across the Strait in the other. Here you can have your cake and eat it – the sea at your feet in front and the pleasures of an interesting town at your back.

The tower had been empty for a long time when we bought it. Both entrances are eccentric – one along a narrow alley from the street behind, the other from the sea wall. The character, and inevitably the temperature, of the spacious rooms is stamped by the thick curve of the walls. Below the sitting-room, reached by a steep spiral stair, there is a very large room in which you can sleep like soldiers of the Edwardian garrison. But if there are only two of you, you can sleep in seclusion at the top of the tower, with just the sky and the battlements.

Sleeps: 5

Beds: D III


  • Solid fuel stove
  • Roof platform
  • No private parking
  • Steep staircase

I took some lovely pictures of the sunsets over the Menai Straits from the balcony. As with our earlier holiday at Appleton Water Tower, we took our bikes and here we could just ride them into the ground floor directly from the promenade.

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