Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Landmark of the Week
Appleton Water Tower

A public-spirited local landowner gave us a lease of this exceptional Victorian tower. (situated on Sandringham Estate so I wonder who that could be)There is seldom an opportunity to preserve a functional building such as this, let alone one of such quality. It was designed by Robert Rawlinson and the foundation stone was laid in July 1877 by the Princess of Wales. On the ground and first floor was a dwelling for the custodian, with a viewing room above reached by an outside stair. The flues from all the fireplaces passed through the centre of the iron tank to prevent the water from freezing – a typically Victorian idea, original, simple and practical.

From the terrace on top of the tank, which is protected by an ornate cast-iron railing, and from the room below, there is a view on all sides over miles of wide, open landscape. Here, on this exposed hilltop, you can even see a distant gleam of the Wash.

My lasting memory of our holiday here was sitting in a deckchair on top of the water tank and watching the combine harvesters chugging up and down the fields below.

Sleeps: 2+2

Beds: T (D)


  • Open fire
  • Enclosed garden
  • Adjacent parking
  • Steep staircase
  • Dogs allowed

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