Monday, 5 October 2009

Name Check
For the past week we have had guests aboard - Dave the Rave & Margaret and so we made a diversion from our intended route to visit Pont Cysylte. Highlights of this trip will be posted shortly. However we did meet a few old friends. Before we left Nantwich Di and Martin came to visit us with their (new to them) dog - Jake. Poor old Charlie died a year ago but his successor is a lovely fellow. The next day we passed Tantler who had been on the BCNS Explorer cruise wit us. At Wrenbury we saw Bimble from Stourport and the next day we saw Micky Jay at Grindley Brook (she was built immediately after Gecko). We also saw a rarity - one of the boats built by Midas - Dorcas. Midas was set up by Darren when he left Severn Valley but they only produced four boats. At Whitchurch Chough was tucked away in the town arm. When we were in Thrupp back in July they saved us a space on the 14 day moorings so we could go to the weeding in France. On our return journey MaƱana, which Brenda and Paul sold recently, was moored above Grindley Brook.

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