Sunday, 16 August 2009

Explorer Day 6 - Ooops!
Beautiful bright morning- six hours of wending between rubbish and reeds ahead. Lots of disused canal arms and the Walsall Canal to pass but no real navigational problems. We took it in turns to stop and free our propellers of rubbish Graham on nb Nelson trying for the record with half of CarpetRight's stock. (no wonder they went bust.

At Stokes Bridge some kind souls had painted a map on the wall in case we wanted to explore the locality.

And just in case we could not identify the bridge for what it was they had also painted the bridge - as a bridge!

So why is it we are moored at the Black Country Museum and 24 other boats are moored in Wolverhampton as scheduled?

Don't ask me - I'm just the driver. Anyway we enjoyed a trip into the Dudley Tunnel, followed by 15 minutes in the museum and an evening of entertainment watching hire boats arriving and trying to moor up. There are currently three Yellow Perils moored on the water point!

Tune in tomorrow for Day 7 of the Explorer Cruise to see if Gecko makes it to the final destination.........

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