Thursday, 13 August 2009

Explorer Day 3
Five miles and nine locks does not paint the whole picture.

This morning we resumed our journey up the Tame Valley canal for a couple of miles before turning right into the Rushall Canal

Shallow water and extensive weed cover kept the pace down to tick-over for most of the trip but John appeared once again to give assistance up the locks. What a star this chap is. Last year when Dave the Rave and (another) Margaret were with us we had to negotiate the Atherstone flight without she who must be obeyed who had discovered John and Albert - from a family of boatmen -and was chatting to them.
In many places the weed cover was a mat of white or yellow water-lilies. lovely to look at - not so nice when trying to extricate them from the prop.

We finally came to rest for the night at Longford Boat Club and enjoyed an evening of fish, chips, booze and singing.

No locks tomorrow!!

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