Tuesday, 10 July 2007

What a Banker!
After retracing our tracks through the mosquito-infested water of the Aylesbury Arm we rejoined the Grand Union main line at Marssworth. Here we resumed our journey south to our next diary date - Lynsey & Dan's wedding in Rickmansorth on July 14.
Fortunately for the trek through these broad locks as far as Berkhamsted we paired up with a Wyvern Cruiser from Leighton Buzzard. which appeared to have a limitless supply of young and active crew. As we chatted in the locks it transpired that there were three such boats travelling in convoy, the crew being RBS bank staff on a team-building exercise. After observing one particular member who obviously saw her contribution to the team as solely decorative I asked the organiser if there was any evidence that these events were any more effective than the Xmas party. This elicited an irate but naive response that "they (RBS) wouldn't pay if it wasn't effective."
Once these bankers had stopped for their lunch we continued our descent from the Tring summit alone and on to Boxmoor to re-acquaint ourselves with the herd of Belted Galloway's grazing there and with Weston's wet fish shop for the best fish and chips in the area.

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