Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Uxbridge English Dictionary
Devotees of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue will probably remember the following definition from the Uxbridge English Dictionary:
Kings Cross Station = Regal Lobster
For those less fortunate - read it aloud, concatenating the last two words and it will come to you.

This came into my mind after walking up Uxbridge High Street and finding the charming Regal Cinema building. No longer a cinema, it has been replaced by a multi-screen box discretely tucked away behind the earlier buildings of the High St.
Uxbridge seems to have come up in the world since our last visit. There are few empty or run-down shops and now boasts two new shopping centres. The architecture is eclectic with a wide variety of modern buildings.

By the canal an office block has been built to resemble an ocean liner from some angels. The reason for this is not altogether clear. Perhaps its first tenants were in shipping.It is currently occupied by Parexel, the company responsible for the dreadful tests which went wrong at Northwick Park Hospital a few months ago.

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