Monday, 23 April 2007

To London to see the Mayor
Up early this morning to catch the train into Birmingham and thence to London. Whilst Margaret goes to Stanfords to look at maps of Colombia and Panama in preparation for our trip there in December, I pop in to Moorfields as I have some alien body in my eye which seems reluctant to leave me. Nothing remarkable - three hour's wait for a five minute inspection. I understand the principle of prioritizing urgent or critical cases but if they ran a parallel clinic for the non-critical cases they would clear the waiting rooms in no time. Whilst I was there the vast majority of cases were similar to mine but were interspersed with lengthy examinations of more serious conditions.
We met up at Wembley Park station to attend a citizenship ceremony. I think all citizens should be required to take an oath of allegiance (and get a medal) as do those currently who make the momentous step of relinquishing there nationality of birth to become British citizens.
After our friend Linda was confirmed British we went into London and met Marcus who was attending an exhibition at Olympia before his annual check up at Moorfields. Arrived bac at the boat just before ten pm.

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