Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The end of the line
Taking the train in the opposite direction today we arrive at the end of this single-track line - Redditch. On the advice of Alan (he who skins rabbits on the towpath) we have come here to do our shopping. As we leave the station there is a shopping centre directly in front of us which also leads on to the town centre shops. What a find! All the shops we need, including five travel agents to get competitive quotes for our Colombia trip, and three charity shops adjacent to each other. After a very successful morning we decide to splash out on lunch and are delighted with yet another find. The Jade Palace is a Chinese restaurant working on the Eat as much as you like buffet principle. However this is not only superb value at £4.95 but remarkable in that you select the raw ingredients - meat and vegetables, hand them to the chef, choose the sauce and watch him cook it in front of you. The spectacle alone is almost worth them money. With flames three feet high and all the clattering that I associate with the local take-away, my pile of beef and assorted vegetables are transformed into a very creditable Szechuan style dish. After this I can even tackle Oxfam.
Tomorrow I think we will head in to Birmingham city centre.

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