Saturday, 28 May 2016

Gecko on the Move - Lymm to Plank Lane

A bright sunny Saturday morning, so up at 6 and away by 7am. A good two hours cruising before we see another boat moving and then not another for a further hour.

We have not traveled this way for some years so are interested to resume acquaintance with such buildings as the old Linotype works at Sale

The first time we passed this building in 2006 it had been burnt out. No evidence of the damage is apparent now.

This gate for Infant Girls intrigues me as it is clearly from a different era than the current school buildings.

We are now skirting the west of Manchester and landmarks are frequent.

Soon after stopping at Stretford to empty the toilet and top up the tanks we pass the junction where we could turn right for the city centre and Old Trafford.

Around 11am we pass the Kelloggs factory but it is too late for breakfast so we don't stop.

Don't fancy shopping at the Trafford Centre, either so push on.

At Barton we cross the Manchester Ship Canal on an aqueduct similar to the road bridge next to us. These pivot in the centre to allow ships to navigate the Ship Canal.

From our elevated position we can see one of these ships moored a short distance away.

We are not totally devoid of nature here as evidence of Spring is all around us.

Whilst the swans, which mate for life,  are tending to their brood.....

.....the Canada Geese have twenty goslings to contend with. If there is one immigrant I would be happy to deport it is the Canada Goose, but the little ones do look sweet.

I do not know the story behind this lighthouse.

As we approach Worsley we are flanked by new houses - and large ones, too. These were not here on our last passage.

It is comforting to see that not everything has changed here in the town where Canalmania was born.

When we arrive at Plank Lane to moor for the night we find the newly-created but unused basin is being surrounded by house building also.

We are now on the Leigh Branch of the Leeds & Liverpool  Canal and tomorrow we will have locks to contend with.

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