Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Good Read

I could never be a literary critic: I do not analyse  a book when I read it. My rule of thumb is does it hold my interest?   If it fails this I don't continue with it. I have referred to the seven canal-based crime stories by Leo McNeir in the past. On the whole these pass  my test but the penultimate novel - No Secrets - really did not grab me and I did not finish it. One author who has not failed me yet is Nevil Shute. I was introduced to his work by my elder sister when I was a teenager. She lent me Landfall and I have since read most of his stories.  Like the Maigret stories, they evoke the time in which they are set so vividly. I am currently re-reading all my copies before offering them on Ebay. I don't suppose the paperbacks will sell but some of the hardbacks might do so. If not, the charity shops of Preston will be awash with them.

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