Saturday, 12 September 2015

Rainy Day in Blackburn

Why did we pick today to visit Blackburn?
Well, all over the country, except London, this weekend is Heritage Open Day   (London Open House is next weekend)

Walking the L&L towpath in pouring rain is memorable but not necessarily enjoyable.
When the sun is shining it is easy to overlook the rubbish donated to the waterway by local heathens.
But this is not the view we have ventured out for........

.......we are taking the opportunity to view the wallpapered bridge.

Local wallcovering firm, Graham & Brown, have adopted a stretch of the canal and decorated this bridge in their very personal way.

You may already have seen their decorated telephone box,.  (on the right of this picture)

After walking back to Eanam Wharf we boarded Daisy, the 1950 Leyland Tiger to dry off during a free tour of the town. I was surprised to find that the indicators are original: our first car in 1954 still had semaphore  arms. or trafficators.

We left Daisy at the university automotive centre to see what  delights they had to offer.

Amongst a small selection of  Rolls Royces and Bentleys we came across Graham & Baker wallcoverings again.

I wonder if they could decorate a narrowboat.

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