Monday, 20 July 2015

Second Longest Narrowboat Journey in the World

We have been on Gecko for less than 12 hours and have nb Dorcas moored in front of us which we have not seen for three years.  Late in the morning nb Fern passed us heading north. They were on the BCNS Explorer Cruise which we did a couple of years ago.

Returning from a foray to Lidl in Stafford I noticed that the boat behind us is Formerly Unspoilt by Progress II.

Those of you have been following Gecko's Progress for  three years or more should remember this post:
Longest Narrowboat Journey in the World

This was an attempt to cruise a boat and butty from  the Black Country to the Black Sea.  The butty (currently moored behind us) sank somewhere in the Danube and was later recovered and returned to the UK by road, I believe.

Who organized this show for our return to Gecko I do  not know but today has been a truly wonderful one.

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