Sunday, 26 April 2015

River Clean-up in Bath

The highlight of our grandchildren's stay with us last week was the visit to  @Bristol science experience. Prior to this, theie favourite had been Royal Victoria Park   where they enjoyed everything from zip-wires to sand pits . As part of my exercise regime for my new hip I walked to and from the park accompanied by the two older children.
Manoevering the pontoon to anew dredging position

Our route included the river bank where we joined the small group of spectators watching the Environment Agency clearing rubbish from the riverbed.

After repositioning the pontoon next to Victoria Bridge more rubbish was grabbed from the river bed.....

.....Including 120 shopping trolleys

.....and three cars including a Morrisa Minor

To minimize fruitless searching, a couple of divers first groped around the riverbed marking promising oints with buoys.

It didn't take long for the divers to enroll Dominic and Mia-Rose into the diving team.

The blue pipe is air:  the red one is power for lights and cameras:  the yellow one relays their depth to the controller on the platform.

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