Sunday, 29 March 2015

Langley Gatehouse

From now to the closing date of 
The Landmark Trust Spring Raffle on May 25 I will give you a taste of the properties you could spend your £5000 holiday in. 

  Langley  Gatehouse
Before  restoration
Sleeps  6

Langley Gatehouse now overlooks a farmyard on one side and a meadow on the other. It was built, however, to protect the entrance to Langley Hall, a rambling house of varied date which was demolished in the 1870s. At the same time, a new farmhouse was built outside the once walled and moated enclosure. The origins of Langley Hall were medieval, as its defences show. These are visible as earthworks south and east of the site, which are possible remnants of a moat, and in the Gatehouse itself. The lower part of its west wall, and the gate arch, belong to a curtain wall of about 1300, which runs on a short way north.

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