Friday, 6 June 2014

Aylesbury Canal - the next closure?

Last year the Aylesbury Arm was closed for eight months because  a wholly predictable  lock collapse took that long to repair. Why it took so long and cost £800,000 I  do not understand. About 25 boats which had spent the winter in Aylesbury had to be lifted out by crane and put back in the main line.  at Milton Keynes.  In the autumn they had to be lifted out and transferred back to Aylesbury.  All this had to be paid for by C&RT.
Last Wednesday we came down the arm from Marsworth to Circus Field, the new canal basin built for Aylesbury Canal Society.  At lock 9 the water was leaking so fast that it was draining the pound above. I reported to C&RT that the off-side paddle appeared to have failed.
Lock 9 with the paddles closed

This time the canal was closed for a week whilst repairs were carried out.

For some time now there have been two leaks in the canal bank opposite the Circus Field basin.  C&RT are aware of it. Water is leaving the canal under the towpath and draining into the stream alongside.

How serious does this have to be before remedial action is taken?
Answers on a postcard, please.

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