Monday, 17 February 2014

Radical Idea No 1 - Give us a vote

Everyone is getting would up about the forthcoming (not, upcoming!!!) referendum in Scotland.  The Scots are going to vote on whether they want to secede from the UK and go it alone.
But the Scots are not the only ones involved in the UK.  Why can't the English, Welsh and Norther Irish have a vote on whether they want Scotland to secede?  I guess that could lead to problems if Scots vote to stay in UK and the rest of UK vote for them to leave.

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  1. I feel generally that votes by those outside the territory in question should be non-binding. That is, in this case, Scotland should be allowed to go whether or not the other territories agree. If Scotland were kept against its will, the UK would be an empire in the full sense of the word, as opposed to the word merely being used nostalgically.


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