Thursday, 18 July 2013

All Bends and Bridges

Gecko has been stationary for nine weeks and it felt a little strange driving today: yes, we are moving again!
We left Reedley Marina this morning and, after topping up the diesel and water tanks, we set off towards Blackburn.  As usual in July, the canal was low so our speed was below our customary 3mph..  We moored at one of our favourite spots near Clayton-le-Moors.  On this occasion we arrived at what we believed to be our private spot to find another boat already moored. Being generous folks we did not evict them. In the ten miles we cruised today we passed through 42 bridges and negotiated bends too numerous to count. We had no trouble counting the boats we met - zero.  Not one moving boat did we meet all day.  This was nothing to do with the broken cill at Johnson's Hill locks or the almost immovable swing bridges at Church: there is never any traffic on this canal.
We are heading for the Canal Festival at Blackburn this weekend so will make an early start tomorrow as we have the swing bridges ath Church to cope with before wwe get there.

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