Saturday, 26 November 2011

William Sheller en Solitaire 20 Ans Deja
Twenty years ago this month I was working for an American company in Paris, moving mainframe computers around Europe and beyond. When I phoned the logistics company I used in Paris I often had to wait for the person I required.  During this period the phone system was linked to a local radio station - Cherie FM . By putting my phone on hands-free operation I  was treated to music while I worked. There was one song in particular which I took to but never caught enough of it to identify either the title or artist.  My solution was to pop down to the record department of the Samaritaines store near Pont Neuf and la-la the tune to an assistant who identified it successfully as Un Homme Heureux by William Sheller 
Earlier this week we made a trip to Lille and attended a rare concert by William Sheller. Even at twenty years older the performance was splendid. Here is a sample of that song.


  1. Anonymous7:11 pm GMT

    I'm not sure if you will see this comment as it is on an old post....

    I can see why you were impressed with this song, and having heard your story about it it is good to see/hear why you went all the way back to Lille.

    I am looking at your blog because I just met a couple at a party who have converted their ex-hire narrowboat to diesel/electric hybrid and he has a blog but it only talks about the conversion and seems to have stopped. He is

    Hope you are not too cold. It is freezing in Oxford and I am hiding away fighting off a cold and making a quilt for Gabriel while Martin is away in Dubai for the weekend at a preconference meeting with Azad University (Iran). Just ventured out for friend's Open House.

    Have a happy Christmas and all the best for 2012. Julia

  2. Thank you Julia.
    Hope you shed the cold before Christmas.
    Will follow up the hybrid conversion


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