Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Hole in the Wall
Last week on BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme the impact of George Perry-Smith on post war dining was being extolled.  His first, and possible his greatest, restaurant was The Hole in the Wall in George Street,Bath. He only ever owned one restaurant at a time and would not have been happy with the current cult of celebrity chefs.  There is still an establishment of the same name  in the same place but it was sad to read this week in the local paper that an inspection by the Public Protection Service found the following:
>Mould covering the walls and ceilings of the washing up area
>Food debris, rubbish and dirty water in the kitchen
>Unclean chopping boards, bowl, mixer, microwave and freezer door seal
>Broken door seals on a fridge
>Ready-to-eat foods kept uncovered and exposed to mould
George Perry-Smith's kitchen was open for diners to view and hence was a spotless and polite environment at all times.
A whole different place!

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