Tuesday, 18 May 2010

S. Island Synopsis....

Mar 17 Ashburton

Leaving the splendour of Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula we drove south to Ashburton where we had heard we would find a museum of woodworking full of lathes and wondeerful artifacts. Unfortunately no one was there to open up the museum and the two telephone numbeers on the door were both defunct. This seemed a little too casual to me as no-one around knew who to contact or how.
So we cut our losses and sneaked in the side door of the shed next door where they "sometimes have a steam museum."
I can't really get to grips with this place. The town has the main line railway down the middle of it with the main highway running alongside. There is a small but unremarkable town museum and a brewery pub where we had a very tasty Irish Stew. (it is St. Patrick's day, after all)

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