Friday, 5 February 2010

Cut price!
Even before she who must be obeyed broke her wrist falling on the snow I would not let her near my hair with anything sharper than a banana. (No I'm not telling you that story)
As we cruise around the country, therefore, I am always on the lookout for a barber who understands I want a haircut not a makeover and the price should reflect this. Regular readers will recall my tow-path haircut at the Canalway Cavalcade last May ( blog May 4th - Cut on the Cut) I was a little perturbed when we last visited Banbury that the barber by the bridge was closed and that my £4.50 haircut was unavailable. Touring the other establishments did not improve my mood as I was quoted prices from £14 upwards.

Last week we took the bus over to Skipton during a break in the snow and rain to visit Tony & Noeline on nb Mary Russell with whom we climbed the Wigan flight back in October . After coffee with them we enjoyed fish and chips at Bizzy Lizzies and then crossed the road to......

a hair cut at proper prices

If some can do it why can't more manage it?

PS: The wrist has healed sufficiently to resume dish washing duties. She is already making inroads into the backlog!

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