Sunday, 31 January 2010

Northern Lights
Blackpool Illuminations is a experience that we always wished to have as children but I did not get to see them until this year - aged 60+
I cannot say if they are better now than 50 years ago but they are certainly worth a visit.

In April, on our way from winter moorings in Aylesbury to the Canalway Cavalcade in Little Venice I constructed my own illuminations in the form of a sandwich board with Geckos walking on either side. There is never much room for extra mural activities on Gecko and drilling 600 holes and pushing LEDs through them did interfere with routine activities somewhat. However it all worked well on the day. As we were so busy in London I did not get a decent photograph of the boards so when I re-erected them for the Xmas period here in Reedley I decided to rectify that omission. Then the snow came and I only managed to make the following films on Twelfth Night when we dismantled them.

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