Friday, 4 April 2008

2000% Inflation
No this is not Zimbabwe but good old blighty. We are in Marsworth tonight having completed the Aylesbury Arm. We shall stay here for about 24 hours in order to carry out some painting to the port (left) side of Gecko. We were so tightly packed in Aylesbury basin that we could only work on the starboard (yes, you've guessed that' the right side). Having earned an evening pass (I'm not telling you how) I decided to redeem it immediately in a true reflection of our times and went to the pub with Paul from Too Sassy. With elbow room at the bar in close contention we ventured further into the bowels of the pub and lo! we discovered a bar billiards table. However it is no longer a tanner a game but a quid! I wonder who we can blame that on.

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