Tuesday, 12 June 2012

28 Locks Before Noon!

As you know, we take things easily on Gecko: not interested in travelling every mile of canal in the country or in the shortest time possible. Not even before we die.
So why did we descend twenty eight locks before noon today? We succumbed to a spot of opportunism.  the Tipton Lockwheeler - John W - offered to give us a hand down the Stourbridge Sixteen and the weather forecast was for NO RAIN. 
Delph Nine- well the middle six

What else  could we do? We left Merry Hill at 6am and John caught us up at 9am as we were clearing carrier bags from the prop in the top lock of the Stourbridge flight.  We had, by then, already descended the Delph Nine (which are only eight since two locks were replaced by one).

With the extra pair of hands we made good time down the 16 and also the Stourton 4

We tied up for the day at 12.05h and felt happy to be back on the Staffs & Worcs canal after so long away from my favourite waterway.

How can a canal with such elegant sluices not be my favourite?

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