Tuesday, 12 June 2007

It's a shame about Leicester

We have been told that there are many things to interest us in Leicester and the evidence from the canal supports this. We have also been told not to leave the boat unattended even on the mooring provided by BW with a cage and only accessible by key. Hence, like so many other water travellers ,we have driven down the avenue of the Mile Straight admiring the architecture but without stopping.

One of the attractive bridges on the Mile Straight

Last time I passed this way was about 20 years ago on a hire boat with some friends. I was driving as we approached Freeman's Lock in Leicester and anticipating a refreshing pint of ale at the end of the day. Ahead I saw a wide expanse of water, as still as a mill pond so I swung the tiller over to describe a large circle with the boat. Half way round I realised my mistake. My analogy of a mill pond was very apt - unseen in the evening sun was an au unprotected weir stretching right across the middle of my mill pond. Depending on your point of view incredible skill or luck was responsible for me completing the circle without foundering. When we approached the same site this morning in Gecko I remembered my previous escapade and behaved very responsibly. This is now overlooked by the Leicester Town football stadium.

Can you see the weir?

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