Saturday, 16 June 2007

Elderflower Junkie
For the past few days the boat has been overrun with the paraphernalia relating to Margaret's annual Elderflower Cordial production - tanks of stewing flowers, bottles full of sterilizing fluid etc. This year there has been a problem. Whilst the flowers are abundant it has been difficult obtaining citric acid which is, apparently, an essential ingredient. Many pharmacists no longer stock it and when we find one that does we are restricted to one packet. Why? Because "it can be abused" I confess I have heard Margaret curse under her breathe on occasion during the production process but I would not have called it abuse and to my knowledge it is never been directed at the citric acid. I was going to publish the recipe but having revised my risk assessment in the light of this new data I can only make it available on receipt of a signed waiver.

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