Thursday, 24 May 2012

Explorer Cruise - Day 5

6 miles - 11 locks
To avoid congestion at the locks we set off at 10 minute intervals so we were more than a little surprised when we arrived at the first lock (number 8) to find four boats waiting in front of us.

Same problem as yesterday - bottom gates would not open fully.

By the time BW had cleared the blockage there were seven of us waiting at the locks and another five had been told not to set off from the overnight mooring.

BW were somewhat perplexed as they had dredged this stretch of the canal a week ago.

In the meantime, however, someone had mistaken the lock for a bike park.
I suppose if you buy a cheap bike the bottom of a canal lock might seem an appropriate place to put it.

Once up the locks and on the main line there were anglers everywhere and this carp was a more popular catch than the bike was.


We decided to go right along the new main line to Tipton and climb the Factory Locks.  I would like to tell you lots of interesting things about this section of the canal but my brain has not retained the salient facts so you will have to wait until we see John W again who has a brain immeasurably superior to mine.
At the bottom of the first lock is this footbridge which appears to be incomplete: the gap was left for the horses' tow ropes to slide through.

We do not rely on a horse for our motive power but still found it an interesting solution to the problem.  (for more  on this subject read my posts - English Rope Tricks from  16-20 August 2010)

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