Monday, 5 July 2010

Boo Dee's Curry Boat
After enjoying the England v Slovenia game on TV at The Old Swan in Gargrave we have an appointment to keep. BooDee's Curry Boat will be in East Marton tomorrow and we are keen to stock up with their home-made curries which they vacuum pack ready to boil in the bag. Boo lived in Thailand for some years and has brought some of the recipes she leaned out there to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. They cruise between Foulridge and Skipton stopping wherever there is demand for their superb and good value fare. We recently tried the Chicken Jalfrezi with Chick Pea and Spinach. It was really good and did not smell the boat out as happens when we cook curries from scratch. Their website does not have a timetable or menu on it yet so we usually send them a txt to find out where they are. - 07540 053 763
To get to East Marton involves scaling three more of the Gargrave locks and all six of Bank Newton flight. As we approached the last of these we have to wait for a boat to descend first.

As the gates open I realise it is Kennet - the only Liverpool Short Boat which has not been converted for pleasure use.

Being 14ft wide and filling the lock some manoeuvring is required to get past each other but we manage without mishap.

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