Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Real Paris

We have just returned from a couple of weeks in french France so the next few posts will have a definite odour of garlic.
Paris is a beautiful city and its wide streets provide a panorama seldom possible in London without getting a crick in the neck. However I  avoid staying in the city centre which is populated solely by the least friendly natives  and tourists. One area where you can mix with real people is the 19th arondisement.  (see also posts on Jan 29/30) The giant Accor Hotel group used to have a chain of older town centre hotels under the brand Libertel which was when we discovered Libetel St Martin  The hotels were all sold off but four of them, including this one, have been renovated and formed into a new independent group. Just 50 yards away is the large complicated junction of Jean Jaures/ Stalingrad where eight roads, an overhead and underground Metro  line all cross the Canal St. Martin.
Here we sit in the Le Cadran Bleu where we watch the real Parisians making their way home. The restaurant is nothing extraordinary but the people-watching is so entertaining.
If you are a Liverpool FC fan you will be particularly welcome here.

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