Saturday, 1 September 2012

NOT 50 Shades of Grey

I understand that there is certain erotic novel around which is attracting a fair amount of attention.  I cannot comment on it further as I have not even seen it. 
I have, however, seen an interesting looking collection of erotic short stories. from Queen Anne's Fan who publish books by a Famous Author mentioned before in this blog.
I make this judgement only from the title page (left) and this dust cover puffery:

unexplained arousal in a cinema in 1950s America.............diabolical instruments which seduce the musicians tempted to play them............a housemaid cleaning the nursery discovers sensual use for a children's toy.........a bored hotel receptionist voyeur who see everything that goes on and imagines what does not........ 

The book is available from 
Queen Anne's Fan
PO Box 883
Canterbury    Kent    CT1 3WJ  

Price:  £15 including P&P


  1. martin (famous author)3:57 pm BST

    Hi Peter,
    I've bought a copy of No Harm in Looking on Amazon. Having already read it I just had to have my own copy. It's a hardback with nine naughty colour illustrations - a very smart looking book.
    Martin (famous author)

  2. Thank you for your magnanimous recommendation of another author's work. Would they do the same for you, I wonder


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