Wednesday, 4 July 2012


When we are travelling, rather than loitering, we often pass the same boats every day only to be passed by them when we moor up as we tend to start and finish early.  Two years ago on the Leeds & Liverpool  Canal we played leapfrog with a single-handier - Trevor - on nb Beau.  When we arrived in Kinver last week he was there and we resumed the game for a few days until he stopped to await some post.  Meanwhile other participants have more stamina. Since Stourport we  have been leapfrogging Finistere and Chimera  and they are still with us on the Shropshire Union. Last night as the new calorifier was just being installed we were hailed by a passing boat - nb Dragon Lady - who used to winter with us in Aylesbury. Terry and Sal are also on the SU now so I guess we'll end up in a pub sometime soon.
And finally, as we approached some moored boats this morning there was some arm-waving from one of them: Keith, the electrician who maintains our generator was carrying out a full wiring job on a boat there. What a social life we have!

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