Friday, 22 April 2011

Homage to Humph

Whilst in London I felt the urge to revisit Mornington Crescent. Apart from station being a fine example of Tube architecture with its tile-clad walls, it was immortalised by Humphrrey Lyttleton on the Radio 4 show I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.

Across the road is the Lyttleton Arms which sounds like a tribute to the great man.

On this occasion I was able to find a clue to that query.

With the temperature approaching 80deg F I very reluctantly succumbed to temptation and entered this establishment for refreshment.
Now, I prefer to drink my ale from a proper tankard but these are so hard to find in London pubs I have  given up asking for them. For one thing the staff, often from Eastern Europe, do not always understand my request and those that do understand consider me some kind of deviant.  Such perspicacity is not welcome.  On this occasion I selected a pint of the Battersea-brewed Wandle Ale and it appeared in a tankard. Now that Humph would  have been pleased with as indeed I was.
This picture is for Dave the Rave
I should mention that the ale was very good and the menu for lunch almost as imaginative as at  The Narrow and considerably cheaper.

Well worth a visit (if you are moored in Paddington Basin the 27 bus will take you all the way)

Whilst there I would also recommend a 50 yd walk to the old Carreras factory more of which I  will reveal tomorrow if I have any data time left on my dongle.

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