Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Crime and Punishment in Saltaire
This was found by Roger Clarke in the Shipley Times and Express of May 1880:
Arthur Spencer (13) and John Bower (12) stole property to the value of 2/- from Crabtrees confectionery shop of Westgate, Shipley. They gained entry down a cellar grate and stole 6d in copper, wine, ginger beer, keys, a hair brush, a riding whip and a cork remover. They were later found by a policeman asleep in a hamper. Bower, of previous good character, was discharged with a caution. Spencer was regarded as having led him astray and was sentenced to a period on a training ship until he should be 16 years of age.
I wonder what the policeman was doing asleep in a hamper.

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