Sunday, 25 May 2014

Crick Boat Show

On Saturday we visited the boat show at Crick.  This is the annual opportunity to look around a selection of canal boats and spend money on accessories you have just discovered a need for. We also met several people we know which was unexpected and a lovely surprise.
The only people we had arranged to meet there went home early because of the weather without meeting us.

O yes, the weather

About mid afternoon we were enjoying a short spell of sunshine after fairly non-stop rain when suddenly it all changed.  ....thunder, lightening, wind and rain.
Whilst everyone took refuge inside the marquees  the rain and wind kept ratcheting  up through the  gears. I was expecting to see some of the stalls fly past our vantage point. As the storm continued the rain became so noisy we gave up trying to listen to the salesman on the stand we were at, deciding to try again on Sunday.

When it finally subsided, we discovered why it had been so noisy....
....there were 4-6 inches of hail stones around the marquees.

We returned to our vehicle to find that despite parking next to the roadway we needed four sturdy men to get us moving in the mud.

We abandoned our plans to revisit the show on Sunday.

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