Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day 6 - Feb 8
If you live in Taiwan you will know this as Good Pig Day and will go to see the big pig competition. In 2007 the winner weighed 2000lb and was sold for 1 million Taiwan dollars (£20,000). It is also customary to have the cess pit cleared today. (Not really relevant if you have Elsan)

You're waiting for a rabbit.

Another Chinese Rabbit Folk Tale
Once upon a time, there was a farmer in the Song State, ofChina. When he was working in a field, he saw a rabbit running past him, then it broke its neck on a tree and died. The farmer grabbed the dead rabbit and made a stew. It was delicious.
After that, the farmer didn't want to work on his field anymore. He just sat next to that same tree and waited for a rabbit to smash itself and die.
Unfortunately, there were no more rabbits afterwards and the farmer's field grew nothing but weeds.

The moral of this story  is that nothing can be achieved without either working or paying. Hence the expression You are waiting for a rabbit.

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