Saturday, 28 July 2007

Brentford Birds

We arrived here yesterday in torrential rain which is appropriate as most of the boats here are waiting for the Thames to deposit the flood waters from Oxfordshire in order to permit access via the Gauging Lock.

Gauging Lock and new flats where warehouses previously served the canal & river freight

Walking around yesterday evening after the rain we viewed Kew Gardens on the opposite bank of the river and Margaret expressed a wish to visit it today. In an uncharacteristic bout of generosity I gave her a shilling for her entrance and some lunch. (What do you mean entrance is no longer one penny?)

With Margaret gone for the day I decided t0 try my luck with the local birds.

This Coot gave me the cold shoulder as she floated past me on her narrow boat.

Whilst the Cormorant was playing hard to get

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