Thursday, 26 July 2007

All Smoke and Mirrors
A few months ago, Ali and Elaine decided to move their boat Ellie Mae from its berth in Stourport to a marina near Napton. Imagine our surprise this morning, when Ali knocked on our door around breakfast time. He was working in the area and being a true canalaholic could not pass Bull's Bridge without having a look - and lo! there we were.
This site used to house a BW maintenance yard with dry dock and engineering facilities. It has now been recycled (=demolished) for a giant Tesco store. The dry dock remains as a reminder to any customer who can find it behind the shop. On the site also there is an amazing recycling point. It houses a conveyor into which you put your items one at a time. It then sorts them and, presumably, deposits them into the appropriate bin. I hope this is powered by solar energy otherwise its contribution to global warming will be no better than the ludicrous Carbon Trading programme. Who honestly believes that paying someone in Africa to plant a tree every time we fly to New York is going to do more that assuage the guilt of the passengers?
As with most of our politicians' output, it's all smoke and mirrors.

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