Monday, 30 June 2014

Matchbox Models For Sale

I have been selling off my collection of Matchbox and other models over the years since I worked for them back in the 1980s.  The remains are now on eBay if you are interested.
When Matchbox went into liquidation in 1982, Jack O'Dell  set up LLedo Ltd and produced models under the Days Gone banner.He produced a wide range of promotional models of which this is a fine example,Celebrating 50 years of the Radio Times.

The Chesterfield Centenary bus was one of the last models to be introduced by Matchbox.

In 1977 a Silver Jubilee bus was produced in blister and in traditional matchbox packaging

The Y3 Ford Model T tanker appeared in numerous liveries in the 1980s, including this one advertising Express Dairies, in an attempt to boost sales.

The various Harrods vans which appeared over the years were always popular.

From time to time this old London bus had a change in its advertising panels.  Here are two  different examples both for Schweppes


  1. I love your net curtains! Did you make them yourself?
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. Yes, Margaret made the curtains. She cut out lots of gecko shapes and then appliqueed them to nets. They afford us some privacy when we want it but can be taken down very easily to admit more light when required. We find that pedestrians often look at the gecko shapes rather than look through the nets which increases their effectiveness. Margaret will be very pleased with your commetn when whe returns from the laundry.


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