Monday, 18 February 2013

Dowley Gap Open Day

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunshine and went to see an aqueduct  with no water.
Photo: BW
Dowley Gap is on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal between Saltaire and Bingley. The aqueduct carries the canal over the River Aire: there is also a two-step staircase lock close by.  CaRT (previously BW) is carrying out some repairs to the  structures which necessitated draining the canal: in particular, they are replacing the two lower sets of gates and refurbishing the upper set.  We joined over a thousand other visitors to walk through the empty locks and aqueduct: in fact when we arrived round midday i was number 984 so the total visitors for the day could well have been over2000.  I was told that when they held an open day at the Bingley Five-Rise a year or two ago there were 7000 visitors on the Sunday.

After a stroll  along the aqueduct and back we went to investigate the staircase lock which had been drained in order to repair and replace lock gates

On the way we passed the temporary dam constructed to keep the aqueduct (and visitors) dry.

Walking along the bottom of a deep lock like this is quite an experience.

If you were wondering how the last drop of water was drained from the lock.......

Well.....they pulled the plug out


  1. Anonymous9:42 pm GMT

    I remember sitting on the bottom of a staircase lock at Chester about thirty years ago, but I was in a boat. Do you?
    Martin (Famous author)

  2. Dear Famous Author
    I certainly remember YOU sitting at the bottom of Chester Staricase. I was safe and sound on dry land.

  3. It was a fabulous day. A good time had by all.


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