Friday, 13 August 2010

Beware of Man Recommending Restauants
I am always wary of recommendations for places to eat as everyones's taste, standards and budgets differ. However that does not prevent me telling you what I like.
In Stafford we had a snack at Ye Olde Soup Kitchen which is opposite St. Mary's Chruch in the town centre. The soup was thick and tasty - I could almost believe the Home Made description. This makes a change from the Brake Bros home made soup that is so common. The cheese scone and cherry scone were both freshly made. A pot of tea at £1.60 served three cups which I reckon is good value . The charming building is only surpassed by the staff who are eager to help, even if you have opted for self-service. In addition to the various dining rooms with oak beams there are tables on the pavement and also a roof terrace. I am assured by she who must be obeyed that the lady in this photo had not been over-induging in Ye Olde Soup Kitchen. How she know that I am unsure.
In the evening, to celebrate our wedding anniversary my shackles were removed temporarily and we took advantage of the Early Bird dinner at Granville's which is opposite J D Wetherspoon in Stone. This menu is available Mon-Thurs 6pm-8pm and is considerably cheaper than the ala carte menu. There is live music on some nights, especially at the weekend. Our food was imaginative, tasty and beautifully presented. M's Rioja was well received and I enjoyed a pint or so of Titanic. Portions are not belly-busting so you can enjoy three courses if you fancy.
Just to balance things up, the boat in front of us went to the steak bar next door to Granvilles and enjoyed that too.

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